Lobbying – here forever

This week was my team’s turn to argue for our opinion in a class debate. Alastair Campbell stated that “lobbyists further the interests of powerful elites and imbalance the democratic process– the lobbying industry should be banned”, but we don’t agree with him. Before we started the debate, there were two people in the public audience that sustained Campbell’s idea. Fortunately, we succeeded into turning everyone on our side. I had a feeling that finally even our opponents agreed that the lobbying industry shouldn’t be banned.

Democracy is a form of government in which all the citizens of a state determine its public policy laws and actions. It requires that all the citizens have an equal opportunity to express their own opinions. The thing is that no matter what is happening around, no matter who is doing something or asking for an action, no one will force a person to make a decision. It depends on us, who we are trusting and who we are asking for help. Lobbying is an important part of a democratic culture, it allows different views and experiences to be heard, but we need to be open and honest about who lobbies and what they are lobbying for. Again, these things depend on our personal reason and judgement.

It’s true that this industry should know some boundaries and be regulated, but it will never be banned. Lobby has always gone on, it is an entirely natural activity and it is better that it takes place in an open and structured environment than in secret. Just because something is banned, doesn’t mean that it will no longer exist.





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