PR degree. More then just a piece of paper?

Many people asked me several times if this year far away from home, with a new language, new people and challenges were worth it. I believe they were and still are. Being in college for a degree needs both time and money, things that some said you can invest differently. A college education is an investment in your future. This investment might pay you back or not.

I heard lots of examples when people got a job without a relevant degree, but this is happening in almost every field and it’s a general thing. I’m not going to deny that you can work in Public Relations without finishing this course. However, it certainly can make a difference. It’s not a mandatory thing but it sure is an advantage. A simple example is the hypothesis of two young aspiring PR practitioners applying for the same job. Let’s say that they both have similar skills and poor experience, as they are just making their first step into the field. Where is the difference? One has a degree in Public Relations and the other one hasn’t. Of course people might say that it is probable that the second one to be even better, but the degree can be the chance to put yourself in front of the employee.

Moreover, this also depends on how you obtain your degree. I think employees need to see that you know to do things, that you’re good in practice, not only in theory. People say that if you are charming, know how to network and have a little bit of creativity you can manage to do your job in this sector. Me, as a current master student in PR, can say that it takes more than that. It has to be a reason for all the read books, for all the taken tests and projects. The key is that you learn how to apply everything you learn in class and make the best out of it.

And let’s not forget about all the opportunities that a degree in PR offers you. During the courses you get to know people from the field, hear them talking, gain many priceless tips that can help you after. You never know who can open a door for your and what’s on the other side.


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