How is the future?

Before I moved to London for my master in Public Relations I was part of a very special team back in Romania, my home country. I’m talking about an NGO for which I worked as a PR & media executive. I’ve started to know my way around, to know people, to have my preferences. Now, in a new place, I took everything from scratch. At the beginning everyone looks the same, but now I can say I have some favourite specialists here in UK. One of them is Danny Whatmough, account director at EML Wildfire.

Even if I read a few things about this tech agency, I first met him on our course and then at the PRCA careers day. He is very passionate about how the web is changing and the role of the communication and sites. You feel this in his inspiring speeches. Two days ago he talked about the digital PR and gave us some tips for the future. I have to highlight some of his ideas.

1.There is no such thing as digital PR! Everything is digital. Social media is going to be in absolutely everything we’re doing. I couldn’t agree more. This is not a new thing for many of us but is certainly scary for the brands. Now all the people can talk about them on social media. They’re used to old times, when they had the 1st word with the journalists.

 “The future of social media is moving from passively sitting back and watching what other people are doing to actively becoming more engaged, active, and interesting through new social applications that encourage people to think bigger then learn and act together.” Gina Bianchini, founder & CEO of Mightybell, co-founder of Ning

2.Great companies don’t need PR. To understand PR you need to understand how business work. You have to know and explore what is that sets you apart from the others. You must build a relation with your consumers, make them feel important, loved. If you don’t, why should they love you?

Great companies do their own PR. Apple doesn’t need PR. This is happening everyday word of mouth. People buy Apple products because they are good, different and popular. Everyone knows things from friends, family and people talking around. Plus, they always anticipate what people need and want.

“Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do.” Steve Jobs

3. Forget everything you’ve learnt about PR. This profession is about influencing and putting yourself in front of influential people in an original way. You need influential people to ta

lk about you.

1.Be creative (in every way possible)

2.Network (online and offline)

3.Learn business (how it ticks)

4.Think (outside the box)

5.Try new things (without fail)



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