Thumbs up for Greenpeace

I believe that Greenpeace is doing some of the most eccentric and effective campaign of all times. Apart from the Mattel campaign that I wrote about 2 days ago, I could not omit the protest against Sajo, Korea’s biggest fishing company.

The plan that Greenpeace thought of included projecting an animation on the wall of one of Sajo’s buildings in the port city of Busan. The animation displayed images of destructive Pacific tuna fishing and movie clips of industry officials taking charge of fishing and politics.

However destructive tuna fishing might be, Korea’s industrial fishing fleet is second to Japan in this concern. The reason why Korea hasn’t raised too much attention in the Pacific is that Japan has been in the front row with its Korea and Japan aren’t the only main Asian consumers of tuna. The declining state of many Pacific tuna stocks are an evidence of that, some of the culprits being the fishing fleets from Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia.exaggerated tuna needs in their sushi culture.

The Korean Coast Guard kept a close eye on the moves of the Rainbow Warrior for weeks and followed the ship to every port stop. They’ve sent free officers on the day of the projection to the Greenpeace press conference. The people from Greenpeace eventually managed to convince the officers to follow them to the animation on one of Sajo’s buildings which displayed the destruction of Pacific tuna.

The reason why Sajo is so effective in the Pacific tuna fishing industry is because of its enormous fleet.

Sajo owns seven purse seine fishing boats, 79 long-liners and two mother ships, all operating in the Pacific. There will be no fishing industry in the future if the current fishing rates are maintained. Currently, 94% of Korea’s total catches comes from the Pacific. Even if efforts have been made to create ways to control Pacific fishing industry so that it benefits all, Korea has had the final word and managed to keep its position.

It is therefore obvious that Korea’s corporate reign has to end. Having an official presence at Greenpeace means that all efforts are rewarded and success in defending the ocean is getting closer and closer.



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